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Tate Britain Impressionists in London - The EY Exhibition

London life, TravelTalitha McQueen

I've been eagerly anticipating the new Tate Britain Impressionists in London Exhibition. I love the work of the impressionists and was particularly interested to discover how the visiting French artists perceived London. What excites me most is the concept of creativity being reignited by relocating to a new city. Moving to a new country definitely encouraged my own creativity and love of photography. Brand new sights and sounds all add to the creative experience. The Tate exhibition brings together a collection of work that demonstrates creativity being encouraged by a change of city. The collection of work shows how a change in scenery can reinvigorate the creative spirit and bring fresh ideas to the forefront. As a London photographer, I have an obsession with light and the way it changes the look of London's architecture. In Winter the dull grey light makes many of London's icons really pop. The red of buses, letter boxes, and phone boxes add such a splash of colour during the grey days. Seeing the way the impressionists captured the changing light in London was such an inspiring experience. Monet's paintings of the Houses of Parliament capture the changing light and seasons beautifully. These were painted from the Savoy where he would work from 4pm until sunset when the Houses of Parliament were backlit. I can definitely see why he chose this time. The golden hour is my favourite time to photograph Westminster, especially lately with the gorgeous Autumn sunsets. Monet also painted during Winter, capturing the atmosphere of the fog that blanketed the city.

I was excited by the scale of artwork on show, favourites like Monet and Pissarro. Discovering new work is always a treat. A marble sculpture by Jules Dalou of a mother rocking her baby is now one of my favourites.

Add this one to your list if you're visiting London. There's also a wonderful Tate podcast discussing how London has inspired French artists here.

Tate Britain Impressionists in London is open to the public from November 2017 until April 2018. See the Tate website for details here.

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Tate Britain Impressionists in London

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