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Breakfast in Covent Garden - London musings

Food, London life, TravelTalitha McQueen

Breakfast in Covent Garden I spent a lovely morning in one of my favorite parts of London this weekend. I've always had a lovely time whenever I visit Covent Garden. The gorgeous architecture and the general vibe of the area always make me happy to be in such a wonderful city! It's definitely a must see if you're visiting London.

This Sunday I met a lovely blogger friend, Miranda (from Miranda's Notebook) for breakfast at Fabrique. I'd heard so much about their delicious buns and was very excited to try them for myself! The bakery is tucked in a side street just a short walk from Seven Dials. It's a great little location and is really quiet on a Sunday morning, making it a perfect place to meet if you want to beat the crowds. The bakery itself is absolutely gorgeous with tiled floors, marble tables and exposed hanging light bulbs. There were even little milk bottle vases filled with pink carnations on each table. An Instagrammers dream!

It was so hard choosing one bun from the selection of vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamon. I decided on cinnamon plus a cappuccino. Compared to other bakeries I found Fabrique really good value for money. The buns are £2.50 each and my coffee was £2.75. Definitely an affordable breakfast option if you're visiting and prefer to eat out rather than in a hotel.

Now I just need to go back for some more!

You can find opening times and locations here.

Covent Garden Address: 8 Earlham Street London WC2H 9RY

Cost: Approx £5 per person

Cafe is Covent Garden

Fabrique Covent Garden

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