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Exploring Richmond Park

Family life, London lifeTalitha McQueen

We spent a lovely few hours exploring Richmond Park this weekend. It's such a great park to visit if you want to experience a little bit of English countryside close to London.  It was a little foggy during our visit but the Autumn leaves are just beautiful. Because the park is so big we often didn't pass anyone during our walk. Something that doesn't happen often in busy London!



The park is huge and there were a few different areas we wanted to explore so hiring a car for a few hours seemed to be the way to go. It also made getting to Richmond easier for us with the kids. 

We joined Enterprise Car Club recently and hired one of their cars for the trip. Booking is really easy once you're signed up. We don't own a car and love the convenience of borrowing one for an hour or two. 



We were all hungry once we arrived at Richmond Park so decided to head to the cafe. We enjoyed a hot lunch at the Roehampton Cafe before heading back to the car so we could park closer to Isabella Plantation.

We encountered a few deer as we wandered from the car to the Isabella Plantation.



The Isabella Plantation is very popular during April and May when colourful plants and flowers are in full bloom. In Autumn the red and yellow leaves make the plantation look beautiful too. The kids loved exploring the plantation with its streams and tiny waterfalls.


It was a great day and we'll definitely be heading back there soon. Thanks to Enterprise Car Club for making our journey so pleasant.

If you’re interested in trying the programme, you can join for just £10 and get £10 in driving credits with promotion code BLOGECC. 

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* This is a sponsored post for Enterprise Car Club UK.