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How I edit photos for Instagram - photo editing tutorial

London life, Travel, UncategorizedTalitha McQueen

Anyone who has used Instagram has probably delved into photo editing at some point. One of the questions I'm often asked is which apps I use to edit my Instagram photography. I think I've tried most of the popular apps and now have a workflow that works for most of the images I take. I think an important element of growing a following on Instagram is having your own style. That could be moody with rich, dark colours or bright and light. Some accounts stick to a certain hue so their images all look subtly pink or orange. I tend to take lots of different types of images but always edit in the same way and using the same VSCo filters. I've gone for a light and bright theme overall. Finding a personal style is key once you know which apps you prefer using.

Here's an example of a recent photograph I took and then edited for Instagram.

Wisteria in London, London in Spring

This image was taken early on a fairly bright day. The sky is overly blue, there's a large shadow across the facade, and the house doesn't look straight.

Photo editing tutorial

    1. Using Snapseed I increased the brightness, increased the structure/detail, and added some warmth.
    2.  I then imported the image into VSCO and added the A6 filter. The key to using filters is to never use the full amount. Use the slider to decrease the effect until you're happy with the look.
    3. Next, I always straighten the image using either Photoshop (mobile app version) or an app called SKRWT.
    4. After straightening I decided it needed to be brighter overall so I returned to Snapseed and added some brightness.
    5. That's it! Sometimes I will also use the following apps: Photoshop, Lightroom, A Color Story. I'll show how I use these in a follow-up post.

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