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A morning at Winter Wonderland

London lifeTalitha McQueen

winterwonderlandblogpic It really is the most wonderful time of the year! We arrived in London at the beginning of December almost three years ago and I remember being so amazed by all the Christmas events throughout the city. I still get so excited for these events especially Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and Skate at Somerset House.

Hubby and I have made it a tradition to visit Winter Wonderland twice each year. We go with the kids and then also visit during a weekday when they're at school. They are obviously two very different experiences!

On Monday we dropped the kids at school and then headed off to Winter Wonderland! It was a drizzly day but that didn't worry us. My main motivation was to sample some of the delicious German food and have a look at the stalls selling pretty Christmas decorations.

We enjoyed hot chocolate and churros to warm up after the walk to Hyde Park.


I'd like to try some crepes when we visit with the kids. This stall looked so sweet.


Then we strolled around looking at the rides. The kids will love some of these!



After a wander around it was time for more food so we headed to the Bavarian Village. It had started to rain so this was the perfect place to relax with some food. The huge Bavarian hall has loads of different food stalls to choose from.



Entry is free and some of the attractions that require tickets are bookable online. This includes the ice skating. Head to for more info.